Online Maintenance & Training

In today’s world, your website is your brick and mortar location. Upkeep is necessary to keep it functioning and working well for you and your customers. Just like you would need to know how to open your shop every morning and run the cash register, you need to know the basics in order to operate your online business. 

If you don’t upkeep your website, you could be driving potential customers away faster than you’re attracting them. Whether you take on the workload in-house or outsource it, ongoing website maintenance is required and empowers your digital marketing that will help you generate a positive return on investment. Keeping your website maintained will also help your analytics.

WordPress Training: The Basics and Beyond $100/hr
Just like your business, you want your website to be as efficient and effective as possible. Although you may know the basics of your WordPress site, questions may arise or you may want to expand your knowledge in order to be more effective. 

Whether the training is the building block to your experience with WordPress or a better understanding of the backend functions, we’ll spend one-on-one time with you using Zoom and screen share in order to walk you through every step of the process. 

As the internet landscape continues to evolve, there are technical elements that need to be addressed to make sure your site is viewable for everyone.

Tools to help you Grow $100/hr
There are many tools you may be interested in learning more about. We can offer you training on the following platforms:

  • Zoom training- Host your own webinars, go live, or record video courses and sell them online.
  • Adding courses or digital content for purchase to your website.
  • Basecamp: A project management system to help you and your team communicate, be organized and stay on task which will help you grow your business.
  • Subscription-based website management.
  • Facebook group management: How to be effective and grow a large following
  • Facebook Live: Best practices on how to use it with your page.
  • Book Launches: Whether you outsource or do in-house let us help you get your book out to the world and climb to the top of Amazon.
  • Write your next book using Scrivner or Evernote

Ongoing Website Maintenance $50/hr
Regular maintenance is key to keeping your site operating exactly as it should be. Updates happen often and will need to be addressed to keep your website working properly.

WordPress, Theme Changes, and Third-Party Plugin Updates $50/hr
Since WordPress sites run through third-party developers, one update doesn’t mean that the other is syncing with their changes automatically. Missed updates could lead to issues with site compatibility and even leave your site nonworking. For instance, a recent WordPress update created a plug-in issue with a site form plugin leaving numerous critical emails somewhere in cyberspace. 

Overall Online Updates $50/hr
In order to keep up with the ever-changing online world, we will review any other online updates to ensure that your site has the latest security updates. For example, a recent update to Google Chrome is making your site HTTPS instead of just HTTP.  Without that extra “s”, that message could scare your audience away with a “site not secure” warning. There are free SSL certificates for non-revenue websites. If you run a shopping cart you will have a small fee for SSL installation.

Ongoing In-house Content Review Sweep $100/hr
A complete website housekeeping review with you in person or on Zoom. We will go through your website making sure the content, images and added functions is clean and consistent with your brand and with the ongoing changes. This is essential to running a peak performing website. This can be done monthly, quarterly, or a yearly review. 

Minor Website Upgrades $50/hr
As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts that go into to building and maintaining an effective website. New plugins pop up all the time in the WordPress world which may be more effective than what was originally installed. It can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you finish one thing only to discover something else that could deliver better results. We will review your site and present any important options to you for consideration. 

Social Media Branding Consulting and Setup$75/hr
Social media is an essential tool in marketing today. You do not have to be on all platforms but you should be on a few. Which ones? We can help you determine where your audience is and what you need to be effective at reaching them. Social media setup and brand matching will help you carry prospective clients or customers from your website to your social media with seamless integration. This consult will include matching cover image banners that compliment your website branding.